BRUNT – Blind Engine


The Brunt Blind Engine is a device that transforms your standard home blinds into smart electric blinds.
Using our device, you can motorize your existing blinds for an affordable price.
The Brunt Blind Engine also connects to your smartphone,
allowing remote control and scheduling of your blinds anywhere, anytime.

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Mobile Control


UI of Brunt App is intuitionally designed so anyone can easily handle it, even they are not familiar with IT device.
You can set the maximum and minimum of blinds length so you can raise and lower
your blinds until whatever you set. also whether you’re inside, outside, or even traveling abroad,
you can raise and lower your blinds anytime and anywhere.
Location Awareness Control

Automation Depending on Your Location

The Brunt Blind Engine also allows for convenient auto-run capabilities depending on your current
geographic location. Brunt Blind Engines registered in the Welcome & Goodbye action
can automatically move your blinds when you arrive or leave home.
(Your location and blind settings can be adjusted to fit your preferences.)
Share Permission

Share Control with Family and Friends!

The Brunt App’s Share Permission feature easily lets you extend
control of your devices to others sharing your living space.
Detailed Specification / Components

Officially Certificated Quality


Calculations of Blinds Compatibility

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