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Exercise pelvic floor muscles with VylyV, for stronger private performance and better private health.

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Abundant clinical research proves (see section “Understanding your private muscle”) that Kegel exercises can significantly improve erection quality, stamina, and ejaculation intensity by strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It’s not a myth or a scam, just pure science: properly exercising these muscles involved in private activity has a proven effect. VylyV is the first pair of smart shorts to coach you through the process.

Improve your private performance with healthy, well-trained pelvic floor muscles. VylyV’s adaptive training system is designed for users of different levels,  from beginner to expert.

Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles supporting the pelvic organs that span the bottom of the pelvis.

Life isn’t easy. Many factors, such as a sedentary lifestyle or aging, can weaken or even damage your private muscle. Did you know that even intense biking can harm your pelvic floor muscles? A weak pelvic floor can give rise to a loose bladder (urinary inconsistency), premature ejaculation, and in the worst cases – erectile dysfunction.

To maintain a strong and healthy pelvic floor, doctors suggest that men contract the pelvic muscles on a daily basis. These exercises are known as “kegel exercises”, named after Arnold Kegel, an American doctor who discovered the crucial function of the pelvic floor in private health.

Since 1941, when Kegel exercises were discovered, medical researchers have shown that pelvic floor exercise can greatly contribute to sexual wellness in the following respects:

  •  General sexual function, including erectile strength, intensity of orgasm, and ejaculatory control. This study(Tibaek S, 2015) has demonstrated increased pelvic floor muscle strength, erectile rigidity and durability, ejaculation control and force. Additionally, sexual confidence and sexual pleasure were improved.”
  • Sexual stamina. Research(Antonio L. Pastore 2014)  shows: “At the end of the treatment, 82.5% of the patients gained control of their ejaculatory reflex.”
  • Better bladder control, Dr. Andrew L. Siegel(2014) confirmed: “Increasing pelvic floor muscle tone, strength and facility can be an effective remedy for combating urgency and urgency incontinence.”

Kegel exercises might sound simple at first, however, they are extremely challenging in several respects:

VylyV Swift™ Functional Underwear combines wearable technology and a customizable app to help men train their pelvic muscles to contract them for 20, 30 or even 60 seconds at a time.

Using sensors embedded in the underwear, even tiny contractions of the muscles are monitored and presented as a visual on a smartphone app. Simply place the tracker in the pocket within the underwear to start tracking your progress.

What is the key principle of Ninja training? Waste no time; train anywhere and anytime in secrecy. That’s exactly how VylyV Ninja Mode works. Turn on the Ninja mode in the app and take your exercise to the next level.


1. What science or studies support that this actually works?

Medical research:

  • Pastore, Antonio L., et al. “Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation for patients with lifelong premature ejaculation: a novel therapeutic approach.” Therapeutic advances in urology 6.3 (2014): 83-88.
  • Rosenbaum, Talli Yehuda. “REVIEWS: Pelvic Floor Involvement in Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction and the Role of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation in Treatment: A Literature Review.” The journal of sexual medicine 4.1 (2007): 4-13.
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  • Dorey, Grace, et al. “Randomised controlled trial of pelvic floor muscle exercises and manometric biofeedback for erectile dysfunction.” Br J Gen Pract 54.508 (2004): 819-825.

Public Media:

  • New York Times, “Pelvic Exercises for Men, Too”, BY RONI CARYN RABIN JULY 14, 2014
  • Cosmopolitan, “Male Kegel Exercises—They’re Real”, By Korin Miller Dec 7, 2012
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And there are many more about the life-long benefit for men doing kegel, just google by yourself!


2. I’ve heard a lot of products that are supposed to help with erections, but a lot of them are scams. What makes this different?

Most scams sound like magic, you take drug or buy a device, and you get a  better boner. VylyV isn’t magic, just science: you need strong pelvic floor muscles to support your erection. VylyV helps you do the workout, and makes sure you do it properly,  by setting up a daily program with challenging games.


3. Is the underwear washable?

Yes. After removing the tracker, the underwear is hand washable only, because the patented eFiber technology may be damaged in a washing machine.


4. Is the electronic component of VylyV safe?

Yes. VylyV implements an isolation design. Circuits and power sources are set into the attachable transmitter, which is outside the shorts and far away from important parts. VylyV’s system works at a very low voltage, which is safe for humans. Also, there is a safety feature that will stop the circuits if anything goes wrong.


5. How long does it take to see progress?

For most people, they can feel the change in their body after merely two days of training. More significant improvements can be found in statistics provided by the VylyV app after two weeks of exercise.


6. Any side effects of over-exercising?

Your pelvic muscles are just like your other regular muscles. Over-exercising could result in muscular fatigue. Usually, a few days break can help you fully recover. We suggest that users follow the training program that the VylyV app has personalized for you. For those who have experienced pelvic floor pain and pelvic floor dysfunction, please consult your doctor before using this product.



Product Parameters:

Product Name: VylyV Swift Functional Underwear

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1BLE

Input Voltage: DC5V

Input Current: 200MA

Battery Type: Lithium battery

Charging Port: MICRO USB

Charge Time: 2 hrs

Waterproof Level (tracker): IP67

Cleaning method: Hand wash only

OS Compatibility Requirements: Android 4.3+ / iOS 8.2+

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