OGANA CELL Peptide Tornado Cleanser

4.06 fl.oz. (120ml) – 200ppm Peptide & Walnut Shell Pellets Contained Moisturizing Facial Scrub Wash, Removes Dead Skin Cells for Sensitive & Troubled Skin

بلغ عن سوء معاملة

About this item

  • Copper Tripeptide-1 Peptide which is effective for skin recover, increasing elastictiy and antioxidation.
  • Acetyle Hexapepide-8 Peptide that is famous for ‘Spreading Botox’
  • It is moisturized component that is originally from skin natural moisture factor which keeps moisture balance.
  • Helps to remove pollutants and keratin and relieve skin fatigue

It is highly washable but doesn’t cause any strain on the skin.