• Power 1700W,
  • Cooking surface 600cm2,
  • Cooking position 2 (grill & barbecue),
  • Removable plates,
  • Adjustable thermostat,
  • Juice tray,
  • Vertical storage,
  • Color Silver.
  • Large grilling area
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High Temperature Grill Plates

The high temperature of the grill plates seals in all the juices and flavor of the food. That’s because the moment the food comes into contact with the surfaces of the grill, it begins to sizzle and brown, forming a tasty crust that keeps all the goodness and flavor inside, where it belongs.

High Power For Heating Up Fast And Keeping A Constant Heat

The high power of the appliance enables the grill plate to heat up quickly, reaching operating temperature very fast and saving you precious time. It also means that the grill surface keeps its heat when food is placed onto it because the high power ensures a fast recovery to the correct temperature.

رمز المنتج: GC302B28